Accessing PowerSafe Training

  • Creating a Login

    Step by step instructions to create a login. This will create a business account to access the database.

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  • Registering for Proctored Courses

    Tips on registering for proctored courses at Non-ARSC facilities. This is done through the PowerSafe database.

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  • Accessing Web-based Training

    Students may reference this guide when attempting to take web-based PowerSafe courses.

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Navigating the PowerSafe System

  • Accessing the Database

    Administrators can use these instructions to help navigate through the database. This will allow you to register employees for courses, view training history, and run reports.

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  • Cancelling a Registration

    Cancelling a training registration can be done by an administrator in the PowerSafe database.  

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  • Running Reports

    Administrators can run reports for any training that employees may be registered for or have completed. 

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  • Ordering Duplicate Cards

    Duplicate PowerSafe cards are available for $10.00 if an employee’s card is lost or stolen.  

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  • Printing Receipts

    Administrators have the ability to print receipts for any training completed by their employees.  

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  • Printing Certificates

    Printed certificates can serve as in-hand proof of PowerSafe course completion.  

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