Benefits for Owners

PowerSafe exists to provide your employees and your contractor employees with the knowledge and resources they need to meet your safety goals. As a fundamental part of your comprehensive safety program, PowerSafe aids in the transfer of safety knowledge from seasoned employees to new employees. Developed by a group of utility owners and contractors, PowerSafe is an essential safety tool. 

  • With Alliance as a third-party administrator, owners have a legally defensible and auditable system, making certain that contractors are in compliance prior to entering owners’ sites. Demonstrate to OSHA that you have met owner requirement responsibilities.
  • Through Alliance’s technology solutions, owner companies and contractors are able to verify a worker’s training status instantly and manage those records.
  • Owners may access expiration reports to know who is expiring (contractors receive reminder emails to let them know they are expiring in 60 or 30 days), and attendance reports to know who has attended.
  • Owners are able to rest assured knowing that the workforce is trained to the same standard, and that contractors arrive at the facility trained and ready to work.
  • The content is easily accessible to geographically diverse populations.
  • The PowerSafe System can automate and tie to your security and gate check applications.